10 Common Office Printer Problems and How To Fix Them

As a businessman, you can realize a lot of problems that come with printers, it at all your business uses these machines. Problems like running out of ink fast, regular paper jams, and even flawed opt out quality are among the many problems that you may face with your business printers as a businessman. Most of the modern printers also function as office photocopiers. Below are ten office color laser printer problems and how you can fix them.

  1. My printer won’t print

There are times when your office printers just won’t print, and it doesn’t show you any error messages either. What do you do in such situations? Well, the first thing you can do is check whether the printer is connected to a USB cable or ethernet if in any case, it is a wireless model. You also need to make sure that the printer’s software and drivers have also been installed on the device you are attempting to print from. If none of these solutions work for you, you can always call the customer tech support or experts who are specialized in printers for small business.

  1. When your printer notifies you that you are running out of ink, but you can still type

One thing you need to know is that you shouldn’t always rush in to fill your cartridges every time you get a low-ink error message from your printer. With most recent printers, you will realize that there is a specific ink level for all printers that trigger this warning message whenever it is reached. This, however, doesn’t mean that the ink is over, but that it is running low.

  1. I am unable to print from my phone to my printer

Most printers work well with mobile phones and tablets if you want to print anything from your handheld device directly to your printer. The printer doesn’t even need to be WI-Fi-enabled for it to connect to your phone and print your document. With non-wireless printers, you only need to ensure your printing machine has a network access point by using a program that will install the required software on a networked computer.

  1. Printing using Wi-Fi takes too long

One of the best ways you can try to reduce your printing time is to place your office printer as close as you can to your network router. You also need to ensure that the router for your printer is adequate, meaning it needs to support 802.11n and also offer 5GHz banks and 2.4GHz if you intend to ensure you have updated firmware.

  1. Slow printers

As you may have come to realize, some printers are cheetahs while others are just sloths, but if you know exactly what to do, then you can always get even the slowest printers to speed up a bit. Avoid duplex printing. Supposing you are printing on both sides of your paper, you will realize a significant slow speed with your printer. This means that you have to flip the document every time to print on both sides of the paper, and this takes a significant amount of time.

  1. The printing cost is too much

You may not believe it, but over the past few years, the printing costs per printing page have reduced. For a businessman who has to pay for another set of cartridges, this may not be such a joy ride for you, what with all the capital you will need for this. You need to ensure you factor in the running costs of any new machine that you’re planning to buy.

  1. Your printed text looks lousy


Different printers vary when it comes to text quality. At times, it may not even matter the type of printer you are using, but maybe you have not properly set your printer settings to print out the paper according to your specifications.

  1. You see lousy inkjet photos from your printers

You can ensure you get the right photos from your printers by using the right paper for your photos. Most printers offer branded photo papers that you can use instead of the ordinary printing papers.

  1. Too many paper jams

In as much as paper jams can be a rare case you can have with your office printers when it comes to your printers, they still do happen. The most common case of a paper jam is when there is a paper misalignment. To prevent this, you can always square off the stacks of paper before you put them into your printer.

  1. Your MFP will not scan anymore

There are instances where your multi-function printer scanner may fail to scan. You can always fix this by trying to reinstall the software installation package.