10 Stunning Product Packaging Styles You Should Start Using

Think about this for a second. The last product you purchased. What was it about the product that you found yourself purchasing it? You know you didn’t need it – but you chose to buy it anyway. Well, it may be more then just you being a shopping addict.

It could have had to do with the product packaging which caught your eye.

If you are trying to start to build your brand and want to amaze your customers like you were amazed, then we suggest trying to incorporate some of these products packaging designs.

Stylish, Cool. Hip. Swinging…and all these other hip terms these whippersnappers are using nowadays.

# 1 – Patterns

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Patterns have such a fantastic attraction about them, especially when some patterns are colors. Colors that can complement one another in a pattern are great looking and stunning designs.

# 2 – Simplicity

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There is beauty in simplicity. By keeping your design simple and straight to the point, you will be better able to capture the eyes of the consumer. Sometimes overindulging in designs is not always the best thing to do.

# 3 – Think About The Experience

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If you are selling honey why not make a package that includes bee deigns or bear designs. Remember to make the package as entertaining as possible and at the same time related to the product you are selling.

# 4 – Complement Your Product

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If you are selling cigarettes – for example – it would be a great idea to include matches or a lighter or in this case a reminder.

# 5 – Break The Mold

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This could prove to a difficult task but an attainable task to accomplish. If you are selling a product that everyone else is selling, then it would prove invaluable to you to try and innovate on your packaging to stand out. Be different.

# 6 – Tell A Story

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Now, this design is incredibly different from many designs. Place a story about your company or the product you are selling. Not a history of the company but a story of the company or product. People like stories, and if you can place a compelling short story on your product, you will make your product stand out.

# 7 – Consider The Interior

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The outside of the product packaging should be exciting but so should the inside. By adding a fresh design inside of our product will add more excitement to opening up the product.

# 8 – Let The Product Speak

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Let your product have a voice. Give it a quote or a saying.

# 9 – Give A Sneak Peek

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It would prove to be a good idea to let the consumers see what they are getting their hands on. If you didn’t notice that is precisely why some donut packaging let you see some of the donuts to provoke you into buying the dozens.

# 10 – Use Interesting Images

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Use images that will captivate your consumers. If you are selling bottled water why not cover the bottle with exciting imagery – like a human body for example.