4 Affordable Cleaning Methods You Can Use in Your Company

Office cleaning and commercial cleaning services have become more competitive with time. Every company dealing with office cleaning Toronto strives to have nothing short of the best to their clients. When looking for commercial cleaning services; clients always want to get value for their money. All commercial cleaning service providers supply their clients and prospects with a list of services they offer.  The checklist will also include the different cleaning methods that the company will use.

Below we give a list of some of the most affordable cleaning services you can get from your commercial cleaning service provider.

  1. Rotowash designed for carpet and escalator cleaning

Though done differently by the commercial cleaning service providers, there is a basic formula for it. Powerful cleaning rotating brushes are used to reach the deepest ends of the carpet and the escalator. The brushes are able to lift up all the hidden dirt particles which are normally trapped inside the carpet and the escalator. Immediately the particles are lifted, a vacuum cleaner is used to collect the particles. After that, a sanitizer and cleaning solution are used for a more thorough cleaning process and sanitizing. The benefit of using this cleaning method is that minimal manpower is required, unlike the other conventional cleaning methods.  A very affordable method of cleaning large office areas.

  1. Deep Extraction ideal for carpet and fabric cleaning

One of the simplest cleaning methods that are used in commercial and office cleaning. This cleaning method involves deep scrubbing of the fabric surface and the carpet. A sanitizer and a shampoo are used and sprayed on the carpet using a wand. Vacuum is also used in cleaning the dirty residue. The process is done is a repeated cycle until the whole area is cleaned. A reliable way of cleaning an area that has a wall to wall carpet.  The method has maximum flexibility since interchangeable wands are used in this cleaning method, hence a very effective and efficient way of cleaning fabric surfaces that are hard to reach. If you have an office with fabric chairs, partitions, and carpeted staircase, this is the best cleaning method to use.

  1. Steam Cleaning

The beauty of this cleaning process is that it’s a multipurpose cleaning method that can be used for cleaning most surfaces. The high-temperature steam is used in killing germs and bacteria. The steam is also effective in dissolving grease, oil, and grime. Vacuuming is done as the last part of the steam cleaning method. This cleaning method is not only preferred because of its versatility and ability to kill germs and bacteria, it’s also a cleaning method that is environmentally friendly. You are able to clean and sanitize your space without using any harmful chemicals.

  1. Basic floor cleaning and maintenance

A very simple method, in fact, it’s the commonly used method when cleaning any surfaces. All kinds of scrubbing is done on the surface using simple brushes or brushing machines to get rid of the grime and stains present on the floor. Additional special tasks like buffing, polishing, and stripping might be done to get rid of the tougher stains.  A reliable way of getting rid of all types of stains and maintaining consistency during the whole cleaning process.


The above basic cleaning methods should be part of the normal cleaning procedures that all commercial cleaning service providers should have.