4 DIY Air Conditioning Repair Tips for This Summer

So, the summer period is suddenly dawning upon you and realize that you are about to embark your air conditioner on another epic overtime adventure all in an effort to try and keep your home cool and comfortable to be in, safe from all the maddening and scorching heat. But then you suddenly realize that your air conditioning system either won’t cool the air inside your home or has just broken down altogether. Nothing is more disconcerting than that.

In such situations, you realize that you are only always left with three choices; to brave the searing heat, call a certified repair specialist to look at your air conditioning system or to DIY the air conditioning repair Oshawa.

In most cases, you find many people go for the DIY option and avoid the extra charges of having to call a qualified specialist to fix the issue. That is where this article will come in; to give you some advice and guidelines on some DIY air conditioning repair tips that you can follow to get your air conditioning up and running again this summer period.

1. Change your air filter

Most of the times when you find an air conditioning system that fails does so due to dirty or blocked air filters. You simply need to change the AC air filters and things can start working smoothly again. Filters usually range in price depending on the amount of filtration that they will offer. Some air filters need to be replaced on a monthly basis, others on three-month durations. But you also find that some filters only need to be cleaned and can be recycled. Changing your filters will ensure you have cool air flowing in your home again in no time. Ensure that you check your AC air filters on a monthly basis.

2. Clean off the condenser coils

You may also realize that your AC system isn’t giving off as cool air in your home due to dirty condenser coils. You, first of all, need to power off your AC at the breaker then at the switch of the unit. Then you need to remove the disconnect block to clean the condenser coils. Clean them again even if you look at them and feel they are clean. Many different things can dirty the coils from dirt to dust, bugs and even grass which can all affect the units overall optimum performance.

3. Check the breaker

What if one day you come home from work only to find that it is 90° in your home? The first thing that comes to your mind is that the AC system isn’t working. And when you try to turn it on, nothing works. You may have to turn it off completely then turn it back just to check if it’s tripped. But if it continues to trip the breaker, then you know you have a short in your system which only a certified air conditioning repair technician or licensed electrician can fix.

4. Replace your thermostat

In some instances, you may find that your AC system isn’t responsive to your thermostat. This can be because your unit’s thermostat isn’t communicating as effectively with your air conditioning system anymore. This is the time you know you need not only a new thermostat but an upgrade of the one you are about to get rid of.