4 Tips On Securing Furnished Apartment Rentals

Whether you are relocating temporarily from work and need a short term rental, or are in town for a conference, it may be worth your while to look into furnished apartments. This is an excellent decision to make that will provide you with more comfort and peace of mind than you would get staying in a typical hotel. To learn a little bit more about booking one of these rentals, read on.

#1: Make sure that your apartment is central to work

When you need a place to stay for business trips, the main consideration needs to be quick access to work. So when shopping for a short-term apartment rental, be sure it is no more than a mile or two away from where you will be conducting business. For best results, you should also choose an apartment rental that is close to public transportation or other conveniences that let you get used to a new city without too much stress or struggle.

#2: Be ready to shop around to secure an apartment

When looking for the best rental situation, price is everything. When you know that you are heading out of town, you should begin shopping for apartments as quickly as possible. Be prepared to pay a down payment of about 10% per week or one month’s rent. The security deposit is put into place to protect the landlord from incidental charges and to reserve your spot in the rental.

Since these apartments are fully furnished, you will be able to pack lightly and make use of all amenities.

#3: Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Never underestimate your ability to get prices or special features with your short-term apartment. These contracts are often very flexible and will give you the chance to negotiate terms until you come to an agreement that serves the best. You may be able to get discounted rent or other terms that suit you.

#4: Secure your insurance

Even with a deposit, it may be in your best interest to purchase a renter’s insurance plan. You can acquire your own insurance plan through a third party provider, or you can ask the apartment management if they offer insurance coverage. Maintaining insurance coverage will help you avoid expensive liabilities during your rental period. It may be worthwhile to visit Premiere Suites for more information.

Renting a short-term apartment is so beneficial, because you get to make yourself comfortable, while also measuring your commitment. These apartments are particularly helpful if you do not know exactly how long you will be in town on business. They give you the chance to network, conduct business and further your career through your travels, knowing you have a comfortable place to rest at night.

By taking advantage of the suggestions in this article, you should have a good shot at landing the apartment rental that you need. Make sure that you start reaching out to some apartment management companies so that you can find the best rental possible for you. If you have a chance to visit the rental in person ahead of time, definitely do so. These tips will help you out greatly in your pursuit.