5 habits that can cause a car accident


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Accidents happen on our roads on a daily basis. While some are caused by unavoidable circumstances such as mechanical issues some are purely due to reckless driving of some drivers. Car accidents are in fact among the leading causes of premature deaths.

If you are tasked with driving, you should understand that it is not only your life that is in danger but that of your passengers as well as other road users. However, if you are involved in an accident, you can talk to any car accident lawyer so that they can represent you accordingly.

As road users below are some of the things we often do that can cause a car accident.

  1. Not signaling

Failure to signal is the most common mistake among many drivers even those with years of experience. Indeed, it makes it hard for other road users to predict your movements if you are one of those drivers who enter an intersection without signaling your intention to do so. This sudden change of direction is more than likely to cause a crash especially if the car behind you was following at a close range.

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  1. Driving while you are distracted

Another great mistake a driver can make while on the road is getting distracted by other activities aside from driving. It may not necessarily be physical activities such as using their mobile phones or trying to locate items around the car but also deep thoughts that may defocus the driver away from the steering wheel.

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  1. Driving while intoxicated

The use of alcoholic substances can impair one’s ability to make a correct judgment. Therefore, it is not advisable to drive while under the influence. Statistics show that driving while under the influence of such substances is the leading cause of accidents worldwide. Even car accident lawyers advise making sure that their clients test negative for alcohol abuse before they can take any course of action because drunk driving is a serious offense in some states.

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  1. Fatigued Driving

Another primary cause of car accidents is driving when you are tired. If you are fatigued it is impossible to concentrate on the road and may become a hazard to other drivers. Standard driving practices require drivers to make sure that they are physical okay when on the road. It is also advisable that if you feel sleepy, it may be a good idea to stopover for a few minutes for a nap.

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  1. General Recklessness on the road

Some drivers make you wonder whether they understand road safety at all. They commit all sorts of traffic offenses making it impossible for other users to stay safe. These are the drivers who don’t obey the traffic lights, tailgate, drive above the speed limits and even take wrong lanes without care. Such behaviors are more than likely to cause car accidents easily.

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It is crucial for all road users to avoid such habits that may lead to car accidents. The tragedy of this matter is that the habits will not only endanger the life of the person who possesses these behaviors but those of other innocent road users as well. Talk to a car accident lawyer who will follow up your case in case you are involved in an accident.