5 Safety Tips for Your Custom Mascot

It can full of fun and rewarding experience acting using the mascot costumes. However, some challenges are associated with the action. It can be a tiring and challenging experience that puts the actors at risk of various issues that range from heat exhaustion to injuries. When you follow the basic safety precautions, you can have the performers protected and had an enjoyable experience in the custom mascots. You may find the information and resources available at Hogtown Mascots Inc. to be very useful.

1. Make Smart Costume Decisions

Whenever you are hosting an event that needs the use of a mascot costume, you must ensure you use that time to think about the actual design of the mascot customes. This is called the design of the custom mascots. It is always important that you avoid the use of the excessive material as well as avoid the long tails that can hinder moving around. You must also ensure that the costume does not contain pieces inside that can cause injuries to the performer or make them fall.

2. Perform with an Escort

Mascots have a significant restriction in their mobility and vision. This makes it hard for them to make the simplest tasks such as walking near traffic, climbing staircases, and any other dangerous place when they are performing to the people. The best solution to prevent any such occurrence is to have a mascot guide or escort. This is an individual who is responsible for explaining what might be happening to the performer, guiding the performer, and protecting him from the enthusiastic fans. They will also act as the voice of the mascot costume performer. This makes them respond verbally to the gestures of the character when they are interacting with the audience.

3. Practice Before Performance

The mascot performer should run as a routine to before entering the costumes. This ensures they are aware of the best moves to keep the people entertained all over the session. They will then wear the costumes and practice before the event takes place to ensure they mastered whatever they were learning. You can also practice some actions ahead of time to avoid injuries or blunders like walking across staircases. Ensure you rehearse your signals at this time because it carries important significance. This enables the mascot to communicate with the escort.

4. Avoid Overheating

Ensure you have a fan or a cooling vest in the costume design to prevent overheating when the sun is high. This is an action that helps the performers to continue staying cool throughout the performance. Moreover, the costume should be designed in a manner that does not add weight to the performer. You can wear loose, light-fitting clothes to stay cool during the performance. It is recommended that the performer wears a t-shirt, a bandana to keep their backs, and some tights. If you are a performer, avoid sweatpants, long sleeved t-shirts, and trousers when in the costume. If you are suffering from any form of discomfort, ensure you communicate it with your escort to take the necessary action.

5. Choose the Right Performer

If you are about to make an intention to hire a mascot performer, ensure you choose the most experienced because they will work to develop a facilitated design. You should also note that not everyone can do this task for your company. Whenever you want someone who has never done this action before, ensure they are well-trained to get to the stage without any risk of blunders. You must find someone else if the performer is not comfortable in the mascot costumes. In addition to comfort in the mascot costume, they must possess the right energy to facilitate the action with vigor and excitement.