5 Ways that Stretch Film Can Be Used to Improve Logistics



Logistics can be a nightmare within your warehouse if you’re not careful. Stretch film actually has the ability to help in a number of different ways.

Organized warehouse


#1: Wrap Upon Receiving
When you get deliveries on your loading dock, you need to wrap them up immediately. By doing so, it will tell you that you have already gone through the order. It also prevents people from separating the order until you are ready to work with the shipment.


losing boxes


#2: Avoid Misplaced Boxes
It’s entirely possible for boxes to be moved to anywhere in your building if you’re not careful. If you use max film around deliveries, people are less likely to remove a box when they’re not supposed to. You can keep orders together more effectively when there are several layers of stretched film around them.




#3: Use Colored Film
There are all sorts of colors of stretch film available. You can use the different colors as a way to help sort everything inside your warehouse. You might use the colors to sort by client, by incoming and outgoing, or another method that works for you. Be sure to hang a key in the warehouse so that everyone is aware of the color scheme that is in place.




#4: Organize Pallets
If you don’t know what’s on your pallets, it’s going to create chaos. It will also slow the productivity in your warehouse considerably. By using puncture resistant film across all of the packaging, it makes it easier for you to organize. Identify what needs to be on each pallet and then wrap it. After that, you can add a list of what’s on the pallet so that everyone knows what is going on.




#5: Simplify Inventory
Inventory is a complicated process but only if you let it. Broken cases make it harder to count, so your goal should be to keep the cases together. Once you have conducted a count, wrap the pallet and identify the quantity. Then, if you don’t touch the pallet for a month, the count is already done for you the next time around. It ensures you don’t double count things and it keeps your counts more accurate.

There are various types of stretch film that can be used all sorts of ways in your warehouse to improve logistics, which can be purchased from Malpack Corp. Work with the key members of your team to ensure that everyone is aware of the changes that you put into place. From there, you will be surprised by how much more productive your warehouse operations are.