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Brian Rubenzer – Owner

Brian’s career started at the tender age of 22 when he was promoted to Executive Chef at the Pool and Yacht Club. During this time he was taken under the wing of Danish Master Chef Kaj Sorensen. Brian quickly became very popular with the members through his style of food that he learned from St.Paul College Culinary and Lake Elmo Inn. In 2002 Brian won 1st place with Chef Jeremy DeBruzzi...
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Mollie Rubenzer – Owner

Mollies experience comes from the Pool and Yacht Club in Lilydale, Charleys Crab and Marley’s in Hilton Head. Her dream was to become a nurse like her mother and attended St. Kates University in St. Paul. During that time Mollie was in charge of Accounting and coordinating events. October 4th 2008 Jameson was born, that same day we catered 2 weddings. With Mollies new found love of being a...
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