Could water purification tablets be the solution to water scarcity?

Could water purification tablets be the solution to water scarcity?

In the wake of the global water crisis, the emergence of water purification tablets can be seen as a positive thing. But just how positive? Water purification tablets are used to destroy any pathogens present in water so that it can be safe for consumption by human beings. These tablets are popular among people who engage in outdoor activities because they use them to purify water from fresh water sources while out and about. The purpose is to kill any bacteria and protozoa that cause diseases upon consumption. However, looking at the bigger picture, the real question we should be asking ourselves is if water purification tablets can actually solve the solution of water scarcity.

1. The consideration

Water purification tablets can kill the bacteria and protozoa found in water but they actually can’t get rid of chemical pollutants. Using chemicals to purify water that contains sediments will take so much time. It will also need a larger concentration of chemicals to achieve purity. Seeing that water scarcity is a pressing issue globally, water purification tablets might help but to a very small degree.

2. Effectiveness

There are different kinds of water purification tablets out there. As expected, some of these tablets are more effective than others. Some of these tablets are actually quite ineffective when it comes to killing certain bacteria and microorganisms. The most effective of these tablets would require much more time to purify water. Essentially, the solution to water scarcity is having alternative sources in a limited amount of time. These tablets will therefore not be so useful in solving this problem.

3. The alternative

When looking for a solution to the issue of water scarcity all over the world, your intention would be to find alternative sources of water or find a way to recycle and purify water fast enough to meet the needs of the ever increasing population. Your solution should be able to completely kill all microorganisms found in water. As of yet, the only method that can kill practically all of these microorganisms is boiling water. Boiling water can therefore be much more of a solution to the crisis of water scarcity all over the world than purification tablets. The other alternatives are filtration and the use of radiation with ultraviolet light though these are also not as effective.

4. Consequences

When solving a problem, the idea is to provide the safest possible solution. As you may have figured it out already, the use of purification tablets can put you at risk when it comes to health. The risk is particularly higher in pregnant women and individuals with thyroid conditions. When it comes to water scarcity, purification tablets can definitely be considered but can’t fully be relied on.