Preparing for Your Day in Court: What to Wear

You may have spent many long weeks preparing for your personal injury lawsuit, and the big day is quickly approaching. Your personal injury lawyer may have asked you to obtain additional documentation, and he or she may have coached you in further preparation in previous weeks. However, as your court date approaches, your attention may turn to the more practical matter of what to wear. The clothing you wear as well as all factors impacting your personal appearance are important, and you can follow these tips to better prepare yourself for your day in court.

Understand the Statement Your Clothing Makes
While the jury’s primary job may be to focus on the specific circumstances of the case, they will also spend plenty of time looking at you. Your appearance can make a bold statement about who you are as a person. Ideally, you want to portray an image of being a stable, upstanding member of the community. The courtroom is not a place to make a bold statement about culture and politics or to draw unnecessary attention to you through your wardrobe. After all, you want attention to be focused on the facts of the case. Ideally, your clothing should show a respect for the court, so dress professionally. In addition, it should be clean and rather conservative.

Choose Colors With Care
The courtroom is a conservative environment. Just as it is not a place for sneakers and ballcaps, it also is not a place for loud, obnoxious colors. You can more easily blend in with the environment and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself when you wear darker, sophisticated tones, such as black, grey, brown or blue slacks or skirts with a lighter colored shirt. A button-down shirt is a more conservative option to consider.

Focus on Personal Hygiene
Personal hygiene is a necessity in court. You should definitely bathe before each court appearance, and ensure that your hair is neatly combed and styled. Bring a comb or brush with you so that you can touch up your hair as needed throughout the day. Men should be cleanly shaved, or their beards or mustaches should be trimmed with care each day. Women should wear a conservative amount of makeup to create a polished appearance without being flashy. You may want to wake up earlier than usual on your court appearance day to ensure you look your best.

Your appearance in court can sway the jury in various ways, and you want the jury to be swayed in your favor. By spending time picking out the right outfit and by devoting ample time to your personal hygiene, you can put your best foot forward in court.