Protect Business by Finding a Foolproof Canadian Franchise

The Canadian Copyright Law protects against any copyright infringement in your original creative work including poems, musical score, painting, computer program, and performance. These valuable creations should be protected to ensure that the rightful owner enjoys the financial benefits. A franchise lawyer offers legal representation in transacting business franchises on a lease basis.

The Canadian Copywriter Act prohibits any unauthorized use of someone’s work or trademark without seeking the permission of the owner. The Act aims to promote creativity and systematic exchange of ideas by protecting the copyright holders.

Canadian Business Law

There are numerous franchise opportunities in Canada, but getting the right business franchise deal will depend on many factors. Most importantly, you need legal advice from a prominent franchise lawyer to guide you through the process. Do your own evaluation and settle on a deal that will bring financial returns.

A franchise refers to the business license to run a franchiser’s business brand and its trademark while adhering to their standards. The term of engagement may be between five and ten years but varies from one company to another. The initial fee for acquiring these rights range between $15,000 and $ 100,000 depending on the loyalty levels linked to franchiser’s outlets. The franchisor will also enjoy between 5%-8% of the gross sales from the outlet.

Most franchisors require franchisees to submit annual contributions towards national and regional advertising costs (about 15 to 4% of gross sales). This is to facilitate top level advertising through major media platforms to drive sales across the business outlets throughout the country.

The Canadian franchise business typically engages three aspects that are being transacted between the franchisor and the franchisee; the value of the reputable trademark and brand, the low unit costs generated from the purchasing power of a huge buying group; and the technical know-how within the franchisor’s business system.

You’re Renting, Not Buying

It is important to note that you’re not buying the business system, but merely renting the rights to use franchisors system, know-how, or trademark. Once the franchise agreement duration elapses, the rights are reverted back to the franchisor. Trademark Canada ensures that such transactions are carried out within the stipulated business laws.

Bottom Line

The Canadian Copyright Act stipulates that the certificate of registration of copyright is the required evidence of proof that the copyright exists and the registered person is the owner of the copyright. However, the task of policing and verifying any registered work is not under its jurisdiction. The act does not guarantee that the originality of your work or its legitimacy will not be questioned in future. The experts at Hoffer Adler are capable of providing you with further information.