The 6 Key Guiding Factors When Looking for Business Security Systems

It is always a good idea to install a good surveillance system in your business place as this ensures the protection of yourself, your employees, property, as well as customers. Thus, a smooth-running business. However, knowing the right surveillance system to install can be very hectic at times especially when you have to choose from the wide variety of different models that all come with different features. But you know that good business security systems are what you need to secure your business further from criminals, burglars, and break-ins. So, what are the factors that you need to put into consideration when selecting a surveillance system?

  1. Location, location, location

Well-positioned surveillance cameras can ensure optimal effectiveness for both your indoor and outdoor cameras. You may have bought the most high-tech and advanced surveillance system in the market, but it will not do you any good if you place it in a thicket at the corner of your store. You can even opt to get assistance from a professional to position your surveillance system, so you get the best vision of your business, both indoors and outdoors, through it.

  1. Living color

Modern surveillance security cameras have made it possible to capture both images and videos, in real time, of your business premises in living color. You can now purchase a full-color security system camera that will provide clearer images and videos of your workplace and also identify individuals easily.

  1. Centralized command centers


This is the management section of your surveillance security system. It is vital that you know how to handle and maintain your command center. There are modern DVRs that will be linked to your video system and computer as well to provide both the live feed and the recorded videos as well. Most DVRs are designed to accommodate up to a specific number of video channels. So, choosing one that has added video channel capacity allows for expansion of your surveillance system.

  1. Remote access capability

Modern technology has also made it possible for you to be able to access your surveillance system diagnostics and features remotely. You do not have to be around physically to access and control your surveillance systems when you can do it remotely from the comfort of your home or while traveling. Remote access also allows you to quickly tell the difference from a real incident that is occurring in your business place from a false alarm. So, you will only have to be worried when there is a real danger at your place of business.

  1. Motion sensor technologies

These add-on features only record when the system senses movement in or around your business place. This feature is particularly helpful when installed indoors to detect any movement in your business space after closing hours. Another added advantage to this feature is that it helps you to save a lot of data storage space since it only turns on to record when it senses a movement. It will also help you to save a lot of time that you would, otherwise, have used to skim through a whole length of the video trying to get to a specific point. Motion sensor technology features only record when they sense movement, so you will have the exact time when the movement was recorded on your hard drive.

  1. Instant alerting

Most surveillance security systems now come with instant alert features pre-installed. With this feature, you can get instant alerts via messaging or emails whenever the surveillance system senses an unusual behavior in your business place like burglars trying to break in and steal your products. Instant alerting can also boost security and prevent loss of your business products as the alerts come in real time giving you sufficient time to react and report any misconduct to the relevant authority.