Three Keys to Planning a Successful Corporate Event

If you have ever planned corporate events for your small or midsize business, you know how stressful the process can be. Whether your event is for customer appreciation, the launch of a new product, or to attract community support, you want your event to be a success. Staying on time and on budget, making sure your guests feel welcome, and effectively sharing your unique message are critical to your event’s return on investment. Simplify your life and save money by carefully choosing the right catering and event planning professionals to make sure your event is carefree, as well as finding the right venue to showcase your corporate identity.

1. Selecting Caterers Who Cater To You

All too often, corporations go straight to hotel-based catering options for events without researching the possibilities. While these models work well for certain events, such as sit-down awards dinners, menus may often be lackluster and rather expensive. Hotel chains often have rigidly set options and are unwilling or unable to customize their offerings for your event.

Contact local businesses to see what catering options they may have available. Very often, these businesses will be willing to create a fully custom menu and work with you on price. Your guests will enjoy the local flair more than yet another banquet hall meal. Fun options such as barbecue or buffet-style Chinese food can be big crowd pleasers for casual events at a fraction of the cost of traditional catering.

2. Hire an Event Planning Professional Who Will Do It All

Ask around your social network for recommendations for an event planner. If you are hosting an event with fewer than 100 guests, you may just need someone to help. Consider family members, stay-at-home moms you know, or church members to assist with smaller events. At minimum, the planner should take care of hiring and scheduling the caterer once you’ve selected them, confirming the venue, scheduling the band, mailing the invitations, tracking RSVPs, and following up with guests before and after the event.

For larger events, you should look for an established event planner who can offer extensive assistance to you and your guests. The best ones will offer free-to-use software for arranging such items as seminar registration and hotel room blocks.

3. Find an Unforgettable Venue

Without breaking the bank, you should be able to find an unforgettable venue for your next corporate event. City gardens, building rooftops, and private yards can offer beautiful, low-cost options for fair weather events. For larger budgets, aquariums, zoos, museums, and galleries can make your event the talk of the town at less cost than a traditional banquet facility.