Top Features to Look For in Pizza Delivery Bags

If you have been tasked with ordering new pizza delivery bags for your restaurant, you may initially think that most bags are the same in many ways. The most obvious differences may be color and size, and your initial effort may initially focus on these factors as well as cost to find the best overall deal. However, with closer inspection of the options for pizza bags, you will find that there are actually numerous differences. These differences in food delivery bags can affect everything from worker comfort and efficiency to the satisfaction of your customers. As you explore the options available for pizza delivery bags, consider these points.

Insulation on All Sides
You may assume that all pizza delivery bags are well-insulated on all sides, but this is a false assumption. Some food delivery bags are only insulated on the sides, providing moderate benefit at best. Your customer satisfaction rating depends strongly on your ability to deliver high-quality, warm food in a timely manner, so look for pizza bags that have insulated on all sides.

A Secure Latching Mechanism
The last thing you want is for the food to accidently slide out of the food delivery bags while en route to the delivery destination. Food may slip out while being loaded or unloaded from the car. Worse, it may accidentally fall to the ground in front of the customer during the actual delivery. This can cost you establishment time and money. Confirm that the latching mechanism on your preferred bags is secure before placing an order.

Extra Storage Components
Some pizza bags are very basic in design, providing only a compartment for the pizza as well as carrying handles or straps. Other food delivery bags have a much more robust design. These may have pouches for the receipts, condiments and side items that the individual may have ordered as well. This makes it far more convenient and efficient for your delivery drivers to do their jobs. T

Comfortable Handles
You may not think comfortable handles is a top factor to look for in food delivery bags, but there are a few reasons why you should carefully review this feature before making a buying decision. First, workers who are sore or who have blisters on their hands from carrying uncomfortable handles will work less efficiently. Second, in some cases, this can create an injury that requires workers to take time off or that results in a workplace injury claim.

Investing in new pizza delivery bags is a common activity for restaurant owners and managers, but many fail to pay attention to these key factors. If you want to make the best buying decision possible, focus on these factors as you explore the options.